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  • Grand Avenue’s vision is timeless.

  • It starts with stories driven by love and hope…

  • Stories that provoke audiences to laugh, cry and dream…

  • To cheer on flawed characters seeking redemption…

  • And inspire your inner hero.

Grand Avenue creates uplifting, blue sky entertainment by focusing on universal themes that are woven into every audience’s DNA.

Initial Slate of Content





I think the buyers are getting data from the audience and it’s saying: “We want more aspirational content.” – CJ Flight, WME

The Next Ted Lasso: After Year in Pandemic, Hollywood Dumps Edgy for Uplifting Projects – Diane Haithman, The Wrap Pro

Mandates from studios, streamers, and financiers, they’re all looking for blue sky, aspirational, uplifting, and wholesome entertainment. – Richard Botto, CEO, Studio 32


A portion of our revenues goes directly into our 501c3 foundation,


We advance our three H’s to make the world better. 

 We honor those who help. We help those in need.

And we bring hope to the vulnerable among us.

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